1. Academic Calendar
  2. How to download or print the academic calendar?
  3. How to access UMH from high school or from Upper level training cycles?
  4. Internship offers for UMH students 
  5. Degree Final Project (DFP) Guide 
  6. Frequent questions for foreign students
  7. Contact line for students (doubts during enrollment process): 96 665 8787 | 96 665 8342

University Access

  1. Doubts about degree access for pre-registration
  2. Information and orientation programs (I+O)
  3. Validation courses
  4. Doubts on access to Master Programs
  5. Doubts on access to Doctorate Programs
  6. How do I access UMH from high school or from Upper level training cycles?
  7. How do I access UMH if I am over 25, 40 and 45 years old?
  8. How do I access UMH if I come from another University (admission to unfinished foreign studies)?
  9. Pre-registration at UMH


  1. Enrollment (posterior to pre-registration)
  2. Payment Options
  3. Permanence criteria and bachelor and master progress
  4. Enrollment Cancellation
  5. Tuition Fees 
  6. Partial Enrollment
  7. Academic Insurance
  8. Voluntary Insurance


  1. Scholarship plans and UMH aids
  2. Ministry of Education and Council
  3. UMH Collaboration scholarships
  4. Other Scholarships
  6. SICUE
  7. Leonardo da Vinci Program
  8. Santander CRUE-CEPYME Scholarhsip

Employment and internships 

  1. Internships requirements
  2. How can I enroll in the Internship Offers?
  3. How can I look for an internship if there are no options available in the Internship Offers of the Occupational Observatory?
  4. Can I do two internships at the same time? Can I send my curriculum to several offers at once? 
  5. Internship insurance coverage
  6. What to do if the conditions of the internship are not met?
  7. Is financial aid compatible to unemployment benefits?
  8. How to include internship credits to my academic record? 
  9. Tax on paid internships and  Social Security registration.
  10. When can I access the Work Offers? If I am a graduate and a student, can I access both? I finished my degree and I paid for the title. Can I still do an internship?
  11. Internship offers for UMH students
  12. Formalize an internship
  13. Modify current internship conditions (addendum)
  14. Internship insurance information
  15. List of partnered companies
  16. Instructions on how to request internal paid internships 
  17. Stay in Spain of non EU citizens for non-working internships
  18. Sponsorship Program
  19. UMH Mentoring Program
  20. Applicable regulation
  21. Incorporation protocol of students in internships with other entities  in UMH
  22. Employment Seminars
  23. EmpleoWeekend UMH


  1. Where can I ask for my degree?

Own Studies

  1. Where can I see the formative offer of own studies?

Courses and events

  1. Courses and events

University credits

  1. Credits recognition for Transversal Competences and Professionals

Management (CEGECA Elche)

  1. Directory
  2. List of services
  3. Schedule
  4. Location
  5. Academic Calendar
  6. SIGE (Prior appointment)


  1. GoUmh Access: Google Apps at UMH
    1. What do I have to do to access GoUmh?
    2. How do I log out?
    3. Which are the service conditions of GoUmh?
    4. How long will it take me to learn how to use Google Apps?
    5. Can I open my email or the calendar in a new  tab instead of opening a new window?
    6. Should I use the university´s VPN net to access GoUmh when I am outside the network?
    7. Can I access  my GoUmh email from other program?
  2. Requirements and languages available
    1. Which web browsers can I use with Google Apps?
    2. Are there any other system requirements?
    3. What are the languages available in Google Apps?
    4. Costumer support
    5. Community 
    6. Google Apps Updates

Foreign Students

General Student Information

  1. How much does it cost to live in Elche?
  2. Where can I ask about accommodation?
  3. Are there any dining halls in campus?
  4. What health center services are offered to students?
  5. Which are the facilities available for Special Needs Students?
  6. Are foreign exchange students provided with health insurance?
  7. Are there any scholarships available for UMH students?
  8. What is the International Relations Office (ORI) and what can they help me with?
  9. Which are the learning facilities available for UMH students?
  10. Which are the international study programs offered by the UMH?
  11. Where and how can I follow a language course?

Homologation and Equivalence of finished foreign studies

  1. What is homologation?
  2. How to request the homologation?
  3. How to carry out the complementary training requirement to obtain homologation?
  4. What is equivalence?
  5. How to request equivalence?