The Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Elche is a centre with great projection within the UMH, both for the number of students who choose to study in its classrooms and for its varied educational offer. With more than 3,400 students, the Faculty offers degrees in Business Administration and Management, Audiovisual Communication, Law, Business Statistics, Journalism, Public and Private Security and Labour Relations and Human Resources, as well as two double degrees in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism and in Law and Business Administration and Management. The Faculty also offers numerous official master's degrees fully adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, with the aim of completing the training and professional development of graduates, thus ensuring them a more solid professional future.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law of Elche is located in an oasis of palm trees, where culture and tradition are combined with modern facilities and a communications system that facilitates good accessibility. The teaching staff offers a theoretical and experimental training that allows students to acquire practical and analytical skills that facilitate their insertion into the labour market.

Beyond the classroom, the Faculty actively encourages activities that complement academic training, as demonstrated by the more than 1,000 internships in companies and institutions carried out by students during the academic year. In addition, in collaboration with the student delegation, activities are organised such as visits to companies and institutions related to the degrees taught, Employment Conferences (in collaboration with the Occupational Observatory), Internationalisation Conferences (together with the Vice-rectorate for International Relations), and a large number of specific activities for each degree that guarantee the permanent adaptation of students' skills to the growing needs of today's society.

Faculty Degrees

Bachelor's in Business Administration and Management

Bachelor's in Law

Bachelor's in Law (Blended learning)

Bachelor's in Business Statistics

Bachelor's in Labor Relations and Human Resources

Bachelor's in Journalism

Bachelor's in Audiovisual Communication

Bachelor's in Public Safety and Private Security

Dual Bachelor's in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism

Dual Bachelor's in Law and Business Administration and Management